Kamatapur Assocaition observed Betray Day

ka black dayNews Desk, August 28: Kamatapur Association (KA) observed a Betray Day on August 28, 2014 in demand of implementation of the Cooch Behar Merger Agreement which was signed between Indian Domain and then princely State Cooch Behar on this day in 1949. Explaining the reason for observing the Betray Day, Uttam Kr. Rai, the President of KA stated that the last king of Cooch Behar alias Kamatapur Maharaja Jagaddipendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur joined the Indian domain after got assurance from Jawaharlal (Prime Minister of India) Nehru and Ballav Bhai Patel (Deputy Prime Minister) that the identity of the State will be protected as C category State, which will be later transformed into a full fledged State. In the agreement signed between India and Cooch Behar it was clearly mentioned that Cooch Behar will be treated as a C category State. However in 1956 when the State Reorganization Committee was formed in India, the term C category state was removed which is indeed a direct insult to the merger agreement. Uttam Kr. Rai further stated that it was a conspiracy of the Indian government to merged the glorious Cooch Behar state with India and then to abolish its identity.

Members of Koch Royal families from Cooch Behar, Bijni and Sidli submitted many memorandum for the creation Kamatapur State comprising Koch Rajbanshi areas of present Assam and Bengal. Though many States were created in the post independent period, Kamatapur has not seen any hope. Since then, there had been political unrest in Northern part of Bengal and  in lower Assam in demand of Kamatapur State.

The Betray Day was organized by Central Committee of Kamatapur Association, Kokrajhar District Committee and Bongaigaon District Committee.  The General Secretary of KA, Bhabesh Kr. Roy, Cultural Secretary Kishore Rajbanshi, Bongaigaon District President Lohit Barman, Kokrajhar Distract President Mithun Roy, Finance Secretary Indrajit Roy and other hundreds of members from KA were present in the sit in demonstration programme.  The programme was held in Paglahat of Bongaigaon.

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Samantoral Prasasan ne Samamantoral Ugrobaad

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