The Green Warrior among Us

nobo 3Globally about 15% of man made carbon dioxide comes from the automobiles that we see on the roads toady.  Increasing pollution has direct links to the growing Earth’s temperature and also major cause of respiratory diseases among human beings. However countries like India is still far away in developing a composite plan in reducing massive carbon emissions and fulfilling its dream of sustainable development. But, among 1.252 billion India’s pollution there are few who have seriously taken the issue of environmental degradation and dreams for a better future. To name a few from Assam, they are people like Nobojyoti Roy and Jadhav Payeng who with their efforts are trying to bring change in the society.

26 years Nabajyoti Roy is a resident of Deuripara village, Bongaigaon district, Assam. He is currently working as a lecturer in Bongaigaon College and has completed his post-graduation from University of Hyderabad. Roy being an academician is also a hard core environmentalist and likes exploring new places. He recently undertook the Brahmaputra Valley Bicycle Tour i.e. from Bongaigaon to Tinsukia, a tour that he completed in 11 days covering a distance of more than 1500 kms on a single geared bicycle. On the way he spread the message of advantages of cycling, its promotion and importance of clean and healthy environment. He and few of his like-minded friends have also come up with a cycling group in Bongaigaon called ‘Cyclists of Bongaigaon’. They organize regular cycling events in and around Bongaigaon.

This is not the first time inhabitants of Bongaigaon have shown excellency in environment conservation. Bongaigaon also entered the Guiness Book of World Record in 2008 for making the record for ‘Most Samplings Planted in One Day’, where around 3,00,000 samplings were planted within 24 hours.

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BOOK REVIEW: Koch Rajbanshir Kamatapur: Xopon, Dithok ne Matho Itihas

Marami Bhakat: Northeast India is much known to the world for its various movements for social justice triggered by ethnic identity. These movements have often demanded recognition of historical region and homelands. Kamatapur Movement is one such movement, which seeks recognition of a historical region called Kamatapur in the form of a state (federal unit) in modern India comprising areas of North Bengal and Assam. This movement is mostly spearheaded by Koch Rajbanshi people of Assam and West Bengal.  In this book author Das has taken up this social issue of the Koch Rajbanshis, which has been mostly ignored by the current academic discourse. Das is very much aware of trans-border nature of the movement, its historical complexities and current political narratives. Click Here to Read the full Review

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