A history of neglect

Who is Nepal named after? Nepal may have been named after the sage ‘Ne’ or the house of wool but it is at present a single-identity state of Nepali-speaking caste Hindus. Naturally but mistakenly, the marginalised groups, too, want their provinces named after major groups based on historical and traditional claims. The question KP Oli, Krishna Sitaula, Minendra Rijal, Mahesh Acharya and other Congress and UML leaders from Morang and Jhapa need to ask themselves is—how is it that they became ministers while Rajbanshis and Dhimals are nowhere to be seen? How is it that Dikendra Rajbanshi hangs himself in Balkhu and KP Oli crows from Singha Durbar? And how exactly did Rajbanshis and Dhimals become minorities and marginalised in Morang and Jhapa? Once they study the process of marginalisation of these Tarai Janajati groups and understand it, they will understand the rest of the country.   Click here to read full article

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Rich tradition, poor response

Dinesh Ray, a researcher and collector of ancient instruments of the Koch Rajbongshi people, is a treasure house of rare knowledge, while his daughter Anindita Ray plays a number of these instruments. She also sings and dances in performances of fading traditions such as Tukkha gaan, Jugi gaan and others.

The father and daughter, who live in Jalpaiguri in West Bengal, were in New Delhi recently along with their group to perform music and dance at a seminar on Koch Rajbongshi History and Cultural Tradition. Click here read full article

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